I promised to post more information about my experience during a 10-day silent meditation, Vipassana, and thank you for all your replies to my previous articles. I will describe in the article how I let go of a huge portion of my past (anger and resentment). This is my story. I can’t even tell you for HOW MANY YEARS I was burdened by the feelings of resentment and anger towards my parents, thinking “what a terrible childhood I had because of them”.

As a child, I most bitterly resented my father’s heavy drinking and yelling at us. So, what happened to me during the meditation? On the 7th or 8th day (I can’t recall exactly when because, without a phone, I lost all sense of time and dates) I was doing a Vipassana technique where I was practising an equal attitude to all stimuli – this means not feeling any reluctance to or longing for any stimulus, because they are all transient anyway. Therefore, the mantra is “everything is transient”.

I was doing the technique again and again when, suddenly, an image appeared in my mind, an image of my parents and me, a five-year-old girl, watching them. They were quarrelling and yelling at each other as usual and I was observing them – but this time it was different! Instead of responding to their ‘war’ with crying or anger, as I used to, I realised with the help of the Vipassana technique that I DID NOT NEED TO RESPOND AT ALL! I don't have to feel reluctant about this ‘war’. It’s THEIR war, NOT MINE! Insane…

And the next ‘aha’ moment: They were only living their lives…

…and I was with them…
…I AM the one who came to them…
…it was ME who chose them to see the ‘war’ firsthand…
…there is nothing to forgive anyone for! Not them, not me.

Wow, tears of relief rolled down my cheeks.

What I actually realised in the meditation is that I AM the one who came to my parents to learn specific things about life and then I was unknowingly absorbed in the illusion of their war. I felt it inside me, became part of it and started responding with anger, resentment, crying. That is why I suffered so much as a child. Not because of the circumstances as such, but because of how I interpreted them as a child.

Of course, I cannot possibly be angry at this 5-year-old little girl, she just didn’t know any better and did not have any tools and techniques to use them. But she was always looking for them. And that is why she is a soulwork therapist today :)) I am now sharing these techniques, methods and experiences at my workshops, in my articles and with my individual soulwork sessions. That is why this is my mission today! :) I am teaching you that it is possible to break free from your family patterns and to live freely and happily regardless of your past, because the past does NOT determine us.

This was one of very big energy shifts (clicks) in my life, causing a long sequence of dominoes, towards the past and towards the future, to fall over. Not to mention the improvement in my relationship with my parents ever since – especially with my father. That is what we talked about in the previous workshop: in the present we change our past.

And how can you transpose my own story to your childhood and life? Do you feel any resentment, grief, anger or fear from your childhood? How did you interpret the situation then, as a small child?

Tina Ananda
Transformational Therapist and Clarity Coach
Creator of Emotional Alchemy process
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Sonja from Slovenia: "Tina, first a big, big THANK YOU for your help. I have to tell you I feel great, although I still don’t understand how you could do this in such a short time. I hope this does not seem greedy, but there is something else we could take a look at. It's my self-esteem or fear of being evaluated by other people. When I am in company and I feel evaluating looks all over me (especially from people I don’t know, but also from my acquaintances), I can’t even have a cup of coffee because my hands start shaking and sometimes also my head (at least I think it does). Can we do something about this because it is really bothering me?"

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