More and more of my soulwork clients tell me that they can see all their patterns clearly in theory but are unable to overcome them in practice, because they are constantly repeating them and it is impossible to escape from them. Are you one of those people? 
Let us see some conditions that have to be met if we want to move on to the next level of our existence:

 • Mental (theoretical) understanding of our patterns and relationships helps us up to a certain point. Why? Because we have ignored (at least three) other dimensions of a human being: emotional, physical and spiritual. It is therefore very important to work comprehensively at all four levels.

• Another thing that has to be considered is the so-called spiritual ego. When we educate ourselves, our ego also acquires tools, knowledge and skills to work. When we reduce it, our ego becomes smaller but also cleverer (like we do) and can mislead us to the point it is difficult to distinguish between the messages from our heart and those from our ego.

• We have to find methods that are deep and strong enough to take us on a journey into the depths of our Being. Namely, the fact that you are caught in a vicious circle is a sign you are still on the surface and must look much deeper into the relationship, pattern or situation.

• You will really have to ‘do’ your work as nobody can do it instead of you. Don’t expect a therapist to save you or give you what you are looking for. You have to be willing to do your part of the work, as painful as it can get, and the therapist can only guide you through the process, into the depths where you get all the insights, and then lead you back when the process is over.

• We fail in practice because we understand the theory with our conscious mind, whereas the change has to entail a ‘click’ at the subconscious level. When we change our subconscious pattern (when we sense that ‘click’ or experience the ‘aha’ moment), we start living by this new programme automatically, effortlessly. These ‘aha’ moments and clicks can happen naturally, in your everyday life, but you will reach them faster with a therapist because that is the point of therapies and sessions — to find a way out from a dead-end faster, with the help of a trained expert.

• When we want to change a pattern or a situation, we must change our vibration (what we attract into our life depends on vibration). Our vibration is determined by our beliefs and definitions about life. The key lies in changing these.

If you at least consider the few conditions above, you can no longer fail in practice!

Tina Ananda
Transformational Therapist and Clarity Coach
Creator of Emotional Alchemy process
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What others say about Emotional Alchemy process?

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Sonja from Slovenia: "Tina, first a big, big THANK YOU for your help. I have to tell you I feel great, although I still don’t understand how you could do this in such a short time. I hope this does not seem greedy, but there is something else we could take a look at. It's my self-esteem or fear of being evaluated by other people. When I am in company and I feel evaluating looks all over me (especially from people I don’t know, but also from my acquaintances), I can’t even have a cup of coffee because my hands start shaking and sometimes also my head (at least I think it does). Can we do something about this because it is really bothering me?"

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Why Emotional Alchemy process?

Because it works really fast

Emotional Alchemy process brings results in just a few hours, sometimes even minutes. You will be surprised!

Because results are long-lasting

To work with emotional patterns is to peel an onion. The layers removed during Emotional Alchemy process never return.

Because it is extremely efficient

Emotional Alchemy process is one of the most efficient methods of resolving emotional energetics that I have ever experienced firsthand – and I have tried my fair share, believe me! :)

Because it sets us free

Working personally with me you have all the privacy and peace to say what is burdening your heart and finally take a step forward towards freedom and happy life. Yesss! :)

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