This time I will answer a question posed by Fani, one of my readers, who asked me: “How do you know, Tina, if you have healed your emotional wounds? Is it even possible? I read somewhere that some wounds remain as scars and cannot be healed. It is only scabs that keep forming again and again. How do you know that you have healed something completely?”. This is a very good question, so let’s take this step by step.

Does this statement “I will be different!” sound familiar? How many times did you say this to yourself as a child while watching your parents do things you did not want them to do? When they quarrelled, spoke bad words to each other, ignored, gave each other the silent treatment, maybe even lied, cheated and pretended, broke their word, had too high/low tolerance, never stood up for themselves… should I continue? So, how come we are LIKE THEM today? 

I promised to post more information about my experience during a 10-day silent meditation, Vipassana, and thank you for all your replies to my previous articles. I will describe in the article how I let go of a huge portion of my past (anger and resentment). This is my story. I can’t even tell you for HOW MANY YEARS I was burdened by the feelings of resentment and anger towards my parents, thinking “what a terrible childhood I had because of them”.

Although quite a lot has been said about affirmations, I have noticed that most people still use them not only incorrectly but even in a way that harms them! Are you one of those? An affirmation is a statement or confirmation of something (belief) that we say to ourselves or to other people. There are positive and negative affirmations. We use both types unknowingly every day. A positive affirmation is, for example, when you say “I can do it” and a negative one is “I am so stupid!”.

More and more of my soulwork clients tell me that they can see all their patterns clearly in theory but are unable to overcome them in practice, because they are constantly repeating them and it is impossible to escape from them. Are you one of those people? 
Let us see some conditions that have to be met if we want to move on to the next level of our existence:


How often have you bought an expensive gift for someone without thinking twice about it, but not afforded yourself one even if you really wanted it? Are you one of those people who live by the principle that “it’s okay for others but too expensive or too good for me”? I am just looking through some of my photos of me swimming with dolphins in Miami. What a wonderful experience and… I gave it to myself! With all my heart and love because I am worth it! Yet it has not always been like that…

This time, I am posting a personal story from Guatemala, as I promised, a story from a few weeks ago about the other side of living in a vortex. As I have already written, there are specific locations around the world, such as Hawaii, the Egyptian pyramids, Sedona, Bali and others, called a vortex because in these places manifestation into reality is easier. Similarly as last year, when I was in Hawaii, this year, during my stay at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, I found myself again in a vortex.

This time, a woman named Petra came to my soulwork session. She is a 35-year-old sole proprietor, living with her boyfriend, without children. During this time of recession and deteriorated economic conditions she is constantly under pressure to work more and more, make more calls, visit more clients. Who creates this pressure in her? She does it — her inner critic and pusher. 


Why does a middle-age crisis happen? Do you want to experience it or would you rather take action beforehand? A middle-age crisis is nothing but a reconstruction of our priorities. Yet it frequently drives us into drastic decisions: divorce, moving, change of job, change of environment, change of our nearest and dearest, a change in diet, breaking up with ‘friends’ and similar. Why does it even happen, and what ‘forces’ us to do this?

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What others say about Emotional Alchemy process?

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Sonja from Slovenia: "Tina, first a big, big THANK YOU for your help. I have to tell you I feel great, although I still don’t understand how you could do this in such a short time. I hope this does not seem greedy, but there is something else we could take a look at. It's my self-esteem or fear of being evaluated by other people. When I am in company and I feel evaluating looks all over me (especially from people I don’t know, but also from my acquaintances), I can’t even have a cup of coffee because my hands start shaking and sometimes also my head (at least I think it does). Can we do something about this because it is really bothering me?"

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Why Emotional Alchemy process?

Because it works really fast

Emotional Alchemy process brings results in just a few hours, sometimes even minutes. You will be surprised!

Because results are long-lasting

To work with emotional patterns is to peel an onion. The layers removed during Emotional Alchemy process never return.

Because it is extremely efficient

Emotional Alchemy process is one of the most efficient methods of resolving emotional energetics that I have ever experienced firsthand – and I have tried my fair share, believe me! :)

Because it sets us free

Working personally with me you have all the privacy and peace to say what is burdening your heart and finally take a step forward towards freedom and happy life. Yesss! :)

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