What others say about Emotional Alchemy process?

"Hi, Tina, I'd like to touch base on the changes I have noticed in myself after my first visit. :)
- I am more sincere with myself and open towards others – I demand more for myself in my relationships with others or at least I try to place myself first.
- I no longer feel angry and sad in general; I show respect to my mom.
- Now I feel that I am not that different from others.
- Perhaps I do not feel self-sufficient that often anymore and I might just spend more time in the company of others in the future.
- My wishes for the future are more or less the same as they were before.
If I can remember or notice anything else, I will tell you the next time. I still can’t believe that in just two hours I see such a difference." (Lidia from Poland)

"During the session we had at the beginning of April I felt really well and I was expecting a lot. I think my expectations were more than fulfilled. :) After the session I felt I was stronger, more decisive and courageous to finally ‘stand up’ to my mom’s nagging. :)) Although these days I have not yet faced any challenges where I could use my ‘newly-gained power’, I still feel that I can stand up for myself in such a situation as I am supposed to. :) I am really looking forward to our next meeting so I can become even stronger and more decisive.:))" (Catia from Italy)

Drugi o soulworku

"Since last Wednesday I have been thinking a lot about everything we talked about. About the emotional patterns of my family and the fact that I have probably passed some of them on to my son already, so I'd like to mend this. On Thursday and Friday I was in a good mood at work, I was more relaxed, I didn’t bother myself too much and it even went well with the two colleagues I am usually having troubles with. Already on Thursday morning a funny thing happened to me that would normally make me angry, but this time I just burst out laughing!" (Jasna from Slovenia)

"The soulwork session we had last week was interesting and something completely new for me, as that was the first time I have tried such a communication method and working on myself in such a way. Yes, already during the soulwork session I was able to see some things from another perspective, in a somewhat different manner or more objectively, from a broader point of view. And it really works because I don’t let other people annoy me anymore. I don't let that ‘rush’ of energy happen and exhaust me... I regularly do the exercise with white light and I have to say that everything is calmer now around me. I have not been involved in any conflict at all since then – I don’t know if this is a mere coincidence or a result of the two exercises I do a lot... This might really work. I am very happy about it because I sense a difference in my perception and even if I can’t really describe it, I feel the difference..." (Helen from Israel)

"Another week has passed since my session. I feel fine now but I was really exhausted last Friday. I took longer to have a shower as if I had something dirty to wash away from me. Since that day, I have been noticing that I react to some things differently than I used to and I am more satisfied with myself. I still strongly feel the energies of the left and right diagonals as if they are supporting me and are right by my side every time I take a decision, as well as the energy of the place beside me (partner). :) I think and feel that I have made progress and I am no longer depending on the opinions and expectations of others. Now I decide about my life by myself." (Mateja from Slovenia)


Tina Ananda
Transformational Therapist and Clarity Coach
Creator of Emotional Alchemy process

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What others say about Emotional Alchemy process?

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Sonja from Slovenia: "Tina, first a big, big THANK YOU for your help. I have to tell you I feel great, although I still don’t understand how you could do this in such a short time. I hope this does not seem greedy, but there is something else we could take a look at. It's my self-esteem or fear of being evaluated by other people. When I am in company and I feel evaluating looks all over me (especially from people I don’t know, but also from my acquaintances), I can’t even have a cup of coffee because my hands start shaking and sometimes also my head (at least I think it does). Can we do something about this because it is really bothering me?"

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Why Emotional Alchemy process?

Because it works really fast

Emotional Alchemy process brings results in just a few hours, sometimes even minutes. You will be surprised!

Because results are long-lasting

To work with emotional patterns is to peel an onion. The layers removed during Emotional Alchemy process never return.

Because it is extremely efficient

Emotional Alchemy process is one of the most efficient methods of resolving emotional energetics that I have ever experienced firsthand – and I have tried my fair share, believe me! :)

Because it sets us free

Working personally with me you have all the privacy and peace to say what is burdening your heart and finally take a step forward towards freedom and happy life. Yesss! :)

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